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No really, it’s going to work this time

So I failed miserably at my attempt to read War & Peace. I was the reading equivalent of running at full speed into a brick wall. I was not prepared for the density or references I would need to look up. I tried one other time and made it further but I wasn't really mentally in the game. Now I am ready to make another serious run at it. I started today and hope to finish in about three months.

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The first few pages

The first page was surprisingly challenging. It starts off in French and I wasn't expecting that. Luckily the translation for the French is at the bottom of the page so that wasn't so bad. Two characters are talking in Russian (translated to English) and French and it goes back and forth. The opening in French also has a historical note reference so right away I'm turning to the back to read about what Napoleon was doing with captured territories in 1805 and how the spelling used is a dig about him by the characters talking.

About 5 more historical notes and the first few pages were done. I'm assuming that will get easier as I get more into the story and time.